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    You Don’t Have to Spend Years Arguing in Court

    The Morgan Divorce Law Firm, LLC is based in central Florida, Orange county, serving all of greater Orlando, and specializes in Family, Collaborative, Cooperative, Divorce Mediation, and LGBT Services. Andrea Morgan & The Morgan Divorce Law Firm offer several divorce or paternity options that can save you time, money, and frustration:

    Divorce Mediation Lawyer

    Family mediation is an efficient conflict resolution process that lets you and your spouse finalize your case outside of court, rather than a judge making these critical, life-time decisions for you. In mediation, you can reach a resolution in just one or a few sessions.

    An experienced, neutral mediator will ensure both parties are heard in order to make informed decisions. Unlike traditional litigation in court, mediation takes place in a private, non-threatening and unbiased environment where you feel safe, supported, and are more in control of your future.

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    Cooperative Divorce

    Cooperative Divorce is a form of mediation. The difference is an additional neutral professional works with the mediator to more effectively address the issues in your case. For example, a neutral financial advisor would be invaluable in a case where there are complex issues of marital property and debt, alimony, or child support.

    If your case involves dealing with issues regarding your children and co-parenting rights, a family therapist can work wonders in helping you navigate these issues. A successful cooperative divorce eliminates stressful and expensive court hearings, dramatically reduces your legal fees, is supportive of the family, and completely private.

    This means that you and your spouse work together with your mediator and neutral professional to resolve your case simply and in the most cost-effective way possible…even if your spouse is hostile.

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    Collaborative Divorce

    The purpose of Collaborative Divorce is to more quickly and affordably resolve your disputes without dragging an already painful case into court. You have the support and guidance of a Collaborative Team. In addition to legal counsel, you are assigned a neutral mental health professional and financial expert.

    This team is designed to help you resolve property settlements, alimony, co-parenting rights, divorce modifications, and paternity issues while minimizing the negative and damaging emotional impact on your family.

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    Contested Divorce Lawyer

    If you have a complex case or a difficult spouse or co-parent who prevents you from reaching an agreed settlement outside of court, you don’t have to feel alone. Morgan Divorce Law Firm works on your behalf to ensure you get the rights you deserve.

    We know that your priorities are your earned assets and your children, which rightfully should be protected without costly over-litigation and useless arguments. Morgan Divorce Law Firm is committed to swiftly bring you the optimal outcome in the court process.

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    Family Law Attorney – Rest Easy with an Experienced and Compassionate Advocate

    Going through a divorce or paternity case is very stressful. Our goal at Morgan Divorce Law Firm is to make your transition as seamless as possible. With over 20 years of experience in criminal, civil practice and family law trial work, Andrea and her professional team have the skills to ease your mind and put your future back in your hands.

    You can trust Morgan Divorce Law Firm to understand your case’s unique challenges. We listen to you, and as a result, always put you and your family’s needs first.

    Contact Andrea Morgan and her team today toll free at 877-930-8360 or andrea@morgandivorcelaw.com or click below to schedule a consultation and analysis to start the process of getting the closure and peace of mind you deserve.

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