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Cooperative Divorce

The fact that you are here, reading this page about cooperative divorce, may mean that happily ever after has ended for you.

However, the last thing you need right now is an assembly-line divorce lawyer, which can feel like sticking a needle in your arm.

And you can’t shake the sense that finding the right cooperative divorce attorney to represent you and your family is key to a successful outcome. 


But Please Know This About Cooperative Divorce:

You have options that I’m about to share that can help you avoid:

  • Long, drawn-out divorce court battles
  • Expensive and time-consuming litigation
  • Endless back-and-forth battles with your spouse
  • Sleepless nights worrying what tomorrow will bring

As you may have learned from my Divorce Mediation page, the goal in any divorce is for you and your spouse to divorce without going to court.  This spares your sanity, your time, and your wallet.  If you have children, it will also support their best interests.

There are generally two ways to mediate your divorce:

  1. where you and your spouse, without legal counsel, hire a neutral family law mediator; or
  2. where you and your spouse both have legal counsel, and you hire a neutral family law mediator.

There is a third new and groundbreaking variation of mediation which is gaining recognition as a premier process for divorcing couples and their families.  This newest concept is referred to as a cooperative divorce.

This is a new concept in divorce for which you might not locate much on-line information as of yet.

What exactly can I do, taking full advantage of Cooperative Divorce, for you?

cooperative divorce is a type of mediation; the difference is that it includes professionals in other fields. These may include a neutral mental health or financial professional, in addition to the family law mediator.

Depending on the issues in your divorce case, these professionals can prove invaluable by helping you and your spouse overcome sticking points and offering options. This will ultimately result in a signed marital settlement agreement while avoiding drawn-out conflicts.

For example, if the major issues in your case involve your children, a neutral mental health professional who specializes in family therapy can do wonders in helping you and your spouse resolve difficult time-sharing and parenting issues.

If your case involves dividing complex or high-value marital assets and liabilities, a neutral financial advisor could be critical in guiding you and your spouse on a fair property division with the best tax consequences.  They can also help resolve alimony and child support issues.

In nearly every jurisdiction in Florida, mediation is a court-ordered requirement before you even enter the courtroom. Even if you are in contested litigation, it will likely be mandatory that you attend at least one mediation.

Since mediation is a requirement, converting your mediation into a cooperative divorce will increase the likelihood of a successful conclusion to your case.

As a family law mediator who has been certified by the Florida Supreme Court, I find cooperative divorce to be truly one of the most effective means to fairly and finally resolve your case.

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