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I’m a native Floridian and grew up right here in Central Florida. I understand the pain and tragedy contested cases can cause from the clients I’ve represented over my 20 year career.

I also know because I’ve been through it myself. The financial, spiritual and physical toll is a shattering experience. My own divorce was easily the toughest two years of my life.

My personal experience, along with two decades as a trial attorney, has fine-tuned my understanding of the unique dynamics and challenges families face during restructure.

Although I handle contested family law cases that are litigated in court, I whole-heartedly embrace human conflict resolution methods of family mediation and collaborative divorce, particularly where children are involved.

Divorce and paternity cases require an attorney that can deliver representation amicably or aggressively – depending on what the case requires. I am trained and skilled in family mediation, collaborative divorce, as well as complicated trial work.

My clients appreciate a lawyer who can deal with either event. Most of us want a non-adversarial divorce, but if your spouse won’t allow it and the case unravels, you need a lawyer who can protect your rights in the courtroom.

“Some family law attorneys over-litigate the simplest of details.  I believe the best attorneys resolve divorces efficiently without charging tens of thousands of dollars for endless battles.”

  • I listen to what you say and hear what you don’t say.
  • I protect you, your family and your assets from destructive over-litigation.
  • I effectively negotiate on your behalf and establish lines of communication to minimize costs.
  • I apply creative problem-solving techniques to your individual set of challenges.
  • I protect your every right to earned assets and the rights you have as a parent.

I pride myself on helpfulness and listening to you, but it’s equally important for you to know exactly what to expect.  Our discussions and sessions should be easy to understand, so I make sure to use clear language.  If anything is ever unclear, ask me.  I’ll be happy to clarify.

You’re in the right place!


As a member of the Florida Bar for over 20 years, I have represented hundreds of clients in trials and contested proceedings.

I’m a graduate of the Loyola University College of Law (New Orleans, Louisiana) and an undergraduate of the University of Central Florida (B.A. in Legal Studies).

I have been certified as a Family Mediator by the Florida Supreme Court, am a trained Collaborative Law attorney and a member of the Collaborative Law Group of Central Florida and Florida Academy of Collaborative Professionals.

On the personal side, I love to spend time with my adorable Boston terrier Boudreaux, watch indie movies at Enzian Theater, take boxing classes, and cook Creole cuisine with my family and friends.

I am also a member of local civic clubs such as the Rotary Club of Winter Park, Chamber of Commerce, Leadership Winter Park, the Orlando Chamber of Commerce, MBA Chamber of Commerce, Friends of the Winter Park Day Nursery, Friends of the Winter Park Library, and All Saints Episcopal Church of Winter Park.



Next Steps

If you’re not ready to meet with an attorney quite yet, I understand. I am here to answer questions or concerns you may have while you consider options in divorce or paternity proceedings.  Please feel free to call me at  (407)374-2983  or email me at andrea@morgandivorcelaw.com.