Tune Into The Spirit World At Orlando’s Cassadaga Spiritual Camp


Orlando Florida is home to the weirdest and strangest tourist attractions in the US. Tourists pour in from all around the country to get a feel of the exciting and often chilling attractions that are native to the area. One of the creepiest and most supernatural attractions in the Orlando area is the Cassadaga Spiritual Camp. Cassadaga was founded by a certain G.P Colby, who was a trance medium popular for his readings and séances in many states. He eventually settled in Cassadaga after being instructed by an Indian spirit guide who advised him to travel South to Florida. Upon getting there, he settled at a place called Blue Springs which he had previously seen in a séance. He then proceeded to form the Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp, which eventually grew into a community.

The Cassadaga Camp is famous for having an abnormally high number psychics and mediums, leading to it being dubbed the Psychic Capital of the World. People who have a proclivity towards the spiritual, or those just curious to know what an experience of contact with the beyond would be like, consistently flood the community. Whatever be the case, the Cassadaga Camp is the place to experience a complete spiritual adventure.



VISIT THE CASSADAGA HAUNTED HOTEL: The Cassadaga Hotel is a 1920s themed hotel that offers hospitality services with up to fifty rooms, a breakfast café, and a restaurant. Guests at the hotel commonly bring cameras with hopes of capturing photos of ghosts and other spiritual entities that roam the hotel. The hotel has Psychics who provide readings and can help you communicate with the spirits from the beyond.

GET READINGS: Cassadaga is very popular for its psychic readings. Most of its visitors go there wanting an experience during which they’d be told their future, solutions to problems, or sometimes even…their destiny. A lot of people also go there to get readings from loved ones who have crossed over. They also experience healing, both spiritually and physically. Many have benefitted from their experiences getting readings from psychics and strongly recommend it. So, whether you’re in search of spiritual redemption or just curious, don’t miss the opportunity to experience Cassadaga.

TAKE A WALK:  Walking tours are featured at Cassadaga camp. They are organized by the community and feature a spiritually cleansing and educative walk. The walk has been acclaimed for its peaceful nature and its spiritually energizing quality. Tour guides take you through historical buildings, mausoleums, and homes that are either haunted or bursting with spiritual energy. Certain energy hotspots will enable you to experience spiritual manifestations. Apart from these, there are parks and nature sightings that will fill you with peace and serenity. The walking tours are among the most religious parts of the Cassadaga experience.

There are many attractions and spiritual opportunities at the Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp. Whichever you choose, you’re assured a spiritually edifying and satisfactory stay.