Experience Nature At Seaworld Orlando

The SeaWorld Orlando theme park and zoological parks are easily one the biggest attractions in Orlando and Florida as a whole.


The park is among the most attended theme parks in the country.  This comes as no surprise as it’s incredibly fun, and visiting the theme park is a dream come true for a lot of kids and adults. The blend of fun and education makes it a go-to option for parents who eagerly desire educative pleasure for their kids.

The beautiful Marine life on display is another reason why visiting SeaWorld Orlando is so big a deal. Complete with live shows in large theatres that hold viewers in rapt awe-filled attention.


When visiting SeaWorld, it is important to plan where you will stay. Fortunately, SeaWorld had the intuition to partner with seven hotels around its property, all of whom offer discounts and benefits to those who book into the hotels via the SeaWorld website. Interests include free transportation to SeaWorld from the hotels, selected days of early access to the park, and the SeaWorld ‘quick queue’ front of the line pass.


SeaWorld Orlando is divided into different areas known as ‘seas.’ Each Sea comes with its own unique attractions. Some of them are:



The animals featured here are the shallow water sea animals, the Dolphin theatre is also featured. This Sea is also to the Turtle Trek show and the Manta Rollercoaster. The section is designed to mimic the architecture and landscape of the city of Key West, Florida.

This section features animals like the southern stingrays, loggerhead sea turtles, bottlenose dolphins, green sea turtles, brown pelicans, American alligators, West Indian manatees, hawksbill sea turtles amongst other beautiful shallow water sea creatures. This Sea pulls in huge crowds particularly because of its famous Dolphin theatre. Also, the Turtle Trek is a 3D experience that is viewed through 3D glasses, It’s also a pretty big hit.

SEA OF MYSTERY: The Sea of Mystery is popular for its Shark Wreck Reef exhibit, the Sharks Underwater Grill and its Nautilus Theater. It features a beautiful environmental gesture in the form of themed structures made from trash found on beaches. A beautiful display that also encourages visitors to keep the ocean area clean and waste-free. It has a rollercoaster as well, making the fun attractions in this particular Sea complete.

SEA OF FUN:  This is a children’s park, hosted by the parks Orca mascot ‘Shamu.’ Its attractions are family friendly, including a junior rollercoaster called ‘Shamu Express,’ a water play feature and a new climbing structure. It’s a great section for kids and very family friendly. Also, everyone loves Shamu.



One of the most famous SeaWorld divisions, it is popular for its Killer Whale shows. It also has exhibits Beluga Whales, Harbor Seals, Walruses, etc. It features a fun ride called the Wild Arctic Ride.

There is a reason the SeaWorld Orlando gets over 6 million visitors per year, with its fun-filled attractions and beautiful sights. It lives up to its motto, it indeed is Real, Amazing.