Experience Orlando’s Creepy Ghost Adventures


Orlando is popular for its many unusual attractions. Every day people visit Orlando looking to get creeped out or simply just enjoy one of its numerous unusual attractions. Of all its attractions, ghost tours are amongst the most popular. I mean who doesn’t like a good spook from time to time. There are several high ranking ghost tours to choose from, and they all promise to send shivers running down your spine. From haunted hotels to Scooby Doo type investigative adventures, to chilling ghost stories that are rich in history and lore, the Orlando area has some of the best ghost adventures in the most macabre part of this Orlando experience.

FACE THE FEAR: Ever had a UFO sighting? Well, join the numerous people who are going to join Face the fear in uncovering the mysterious alien activities in Longwood. With features like visits to the Extraterrestrial Highway, where alien activity has consistently been reported, and a tour and investigation of the creepy Longwood Inn. Uncover the mysteries before the government covers them up.

KISSIMMEE GHOST AND MYSTERY TOURS:  Join the creepiest crowd at the Kissimmee Ghost And Mystery Tours. This 90-minute tour features scary ghost stories and tales of legends like the headless horseman who is known to parade the area, leaving the sound of clicking hooves as he goes. And also, the haunted playgrounds, visited by the ghosts of children to this day. The most famous story being those of the hanging tree and the ghost lake. You’ll hear the sounds of an empty swing moving steadily, and angry ghosts moving about in every step. One thing is certain, you won’t finish this tour without a taste of the paranormal.

GHOST TOURS AND INVESTIGATIONS: Saint Cloud is known to have a haunted history due to the many lives and properties lost in the area. Unlike other tours on this list, this is more educational in nature, but probably even more creepy as you get to have a face to face encounter with the bloody past of Saint Cloud. You get to join others in touring and investigating the haunted streets of Saint Cloud. Come if you dare.

There are so many other fun and exciting tours and haunted houses that are readily available whenever you’re up for a good scare. Equally terrifying experiences not listed like the Orlando Haunted Maze, the Fright Nights, the Scream-A-Geddon Horror Park, Murder House, and several other attractions are also located in Orlando. So if you ever feel like experiencing the paranormal, Orlando is the place to be.