6 Steps to Your New Future through Divorce Mediation

What to Expect with Divorce Mediation

Spouses beginning the divorce process may become overwhelmed with fears of future uncertainty. Many couples have indefinitely delayed the divorce process due to these fears. Pre-suit divorce mediation is a straightforward, effective alternative to bring you to a resolution without having to go to court.

Through pre-suit mediation, your future is in your hands. Our mediator will guide you through each step of the process so that you may avoid court proceedings where, in essence, your future is in the hands of attorneys and an indifferent judge.

Six Steps Toward Resolution at Morgan Divorce Mediation:

Step 1: Initial Phone Consultation

You or your spouse will speak with our mediator who will, in brief, ask a few questions to determine whether your case qualifies for mediation. In addition, the mediator will verify that you both are willing to participate in mediation.

One Complimentary 30 Minute Phone Call

Step 2: Intake Conference

If your case qualifies for mediation based on the initial phone consultation, we will schedule an intake conference.

This is an informal meeting between your mediator, where you and your spouse, together or separately, gather information to equally identify the issues in your case. In this meeting, non-issues are eliminated. In fact, only disputed matters require resolution through an effective and meaningful mediation conference. If there are no matters of dispute, case resolution may occur at the intake meeting.

One Meeting of 2 or More Hours

Step 3: Mediation Conference

This meeting between your mediator, you, and your spouse is an opportunity for each party to express their thoughts on necessary divorce decisions in a correspondingly confidential and non-adversarial environment. Your mediator will facilitate negotiations impartially for these legal issues.

An agreement may be reached within the first two hour mediation session. If your case involves more complex issues, one or more additional sessions may also be necessary.

One or More 2 Hour Meetings

Step 4: Document Preparation

If you reach a partial or complete agreement in mediation, your mediator will then formalize the terms into a written contract known as a Marital Settlement Agreement.

Depending on your case, other documents or requirements may include:

  • Petition for Dissolution of Marriage
  • Answer to the Petition
  • Financial Affidavits
  • Child Support Guidelines Worksheet
  • Court Docketing Sheets
  • Final Judgment
  • Filing Instructions
  • Parenting Plan
  • Time-Sharing Agreement
  • Notice of Final Hearing

Step 5: Document Review and Signing

This is a meeting between your mediator, in addition to you and your spouse. Each spouse will review, approve and also sign the documents to be filed with the court.

One Meeting of 1 or More Hours

Step 6: Divorce Finalization

After filing the signed documents with the clerk of court in your county, a final hearing date is then assigned.

The final hearing is an appearance before a family court judge by you and your spouse. The judge will review the documents for approval and upon acceptance, incorporates the Marital Settlement Agreement into the Final Judgment and in conclusion, your case is complete.

Take the first step to resolving your divorce with Morgan Divorce Mediation by contacting us.