Collaborative Divorce Attorney Orlando Florida – 6 Steps to Your New and Brighter Future

What to expect with Collaborative Divorce

Divorce and paternity proceedings are difficult for all involved. The Morgan Divorce Law Firm knows first-hand the emotional toll and often permanent psychological damage that courtroom battles and conflict place on a family, especially on the children.

It is well-established that it is not the divorce itself that damages children, it is the conflict within the divorce between co-parents that causes trauma.

That is why the Morgan Divorce Law Firm offers a cost-effective, streamlined solution for families. (Another streamlined option is cooperative divorce. )

The goal is to resolve your marital or paternity dispute as efficiently as possible, without a single court hearing and without emotional and psychological damage to your family.

Collaborative Divorce Can Help Eliminate Your Fears and Resolve Current and Future Conflicts


With collaborative divorce, we seek to eliminate uncertainties about your future and resolve your disputes fully and finally, including:

  • Property settlement (equitable distribution)
  • Spousal Support (alimony)
  • Co-parenting rights (custody, time-sharing)
  • Child support

without the hassle, cost and drama of a courtroom battle.

What Does the Collaborative Divorce Process Look Like?

The collaborative process begins with a team. This team consists of each party’s attorney, a neutral mental health professional and a neutral financial expert. This collaborative team offers professional advice while providing guidance to you and your spouse throughout the entire process.

The mental health professional ensures effective communication and navigation with “hot button” issues, while the neutral financial expert collects data and educates you and your spouse on your financial options.

Collaborative Divorce Orlando –  The 6-Step Process That Makes Reaching A Resolution Easier and More Affordable

Step 1: Initial Phone Consultation

An initial phone consultation to discuss your case is the most important step in determining whether the collaborative divorce process is best in your case. In addition, Andrea Morgan and her team are available to guide you on how to get your spouse or significant other on board if they are unfamiliar or resistant with the concept.


Step 2: Client Consultation

Consult with Andrea Morgan to discuss your case in detail and identify your goals and preferred outcome.


Step 3: Collaborative Divorce Team Selection and Participation Agreement Signing

The attorneys select a team of neutral professionals best suited to the dynamics of your case. With the team in place, both parties sign a Participation Agreement.

This agreement seeks to resolve your case outside of court, make your children your top priority, commit to shared solutions, and create a positive future that preserves assets while promoting emotional stability.


Step 4: Gathering and Exchange of Information

Both parties exchange information such as income and expense statements, inventories, fair market values and other asset and debt valuations in order to resolve your financial disputes, including property settlement, child support and spousal support.


Step 5: Collaborative Process Team Meeting

The complete collaborative team then meets to discuss the issues, interests and goals of your family. These meetings maintain a respectful, safe and focused environment where you can address your concerns. Sometimes more than one meeting is needed to reach a full settlement.


Step 6: Signing of Collaborative Settlement Agreement

After all negotiations are complete, you review and sign a contract called a Settlement Agreement. This contract includes the terms of divorce or paternity mutually agreed upon during the meetings. This document is later filed with the court and your case is finalized.

Get the Guidance and Support You Need from a Collaborative Divorce Attorney Who Cares

If you think Collaborative Law might be the right option for you and your family, contact the Morgan Divorce Law Firm today. With over two decades of experience, Andrea Morgan and her team have the skills and insight to listen to your needs and guide you to a resolution with no battles or court appearances.

Take the first step towards your new future today by contacting Andrea at (407) 374-2983  or

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