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Andrea MorganAndrea is a native Floridian born and raised in Winter Park, Florida.  Throughout her career as a divorce attorney, she has handled divorce cases in every county in Central and South Florida.  She has recently expanded her firm from Central Florida to also serve Palm Beach County and West Palm Beach.   She is a… Read more »

As a Divorce Attorney in Orlando, Here’s my Take on Love Addiction My years as a divorce lawyer in Orlando have provided some unique insight into what’s called love addiction. Love addiction is not the same as sex addiction.  Although love addicts can also be sex addicts, and vice-versa, the mental motivations behind the two… Read more »

Married people who took their spouse’s last name are faced with an additional decision during the process of divorce: Should I take my former last name back? Why You May Be Hesitant For some divorcing people, this may seem like a small issue in the course of terminating a marriage. There are already overwhelming changes and… Read more »