Collaborative divorce attorney Orlando – image of 6 hands gathered together
An Orlando Divorce Attorney’s Perspective on When Collaborative Divorce is your Best Option. Believe it or not, what sounds like a brand spanking new way to divorce was actually put into motion thirty years ago. Collaborative divorce was the brainchild of Minnesota divorce attorney Stuart G. Webb in 1990. His vision was to help couples... Read more »
Very often, discord in the divorce process stems from power inequality, both real and perceived. If there was a financial or emotional imbalance in your marriage, as a divorce attorney in Orlando, I can say with some certainty you can expect it to rear its head in a divorce. If you believe you are holding... Read more »
Morgan Law Image Woman Handing Over Keys Can I date during divorce
A divorce attorney’s insights on how dating can impact your pending divorce. • Can you date during divorce in Florida? • Is it unlawful to date while going through a divorce in Florida? I am Andrea Morgan, a divorce attorney here in Orlando, Florida. I am frequently asked by my clients whether they are allowed... Read more »
Are you brimming with excitement over the idea of a divorce looming on the horizon? Probably not… And perhaps this concern has you wondering if scouring the internet for an attorney is the next unavoidable step. If so, you are NOT alone. My name is Andrea Morgan and I’m a divorce attorney here in Orlando... Read more »